Residential Bird Netting

– Has cleaning outdoors becoming your daily chore due to bird droppings?
– Are you perturbed by pigeon fights on your window sill, awnings and ACs?
– Are you suffering from frequent respiratory infections, fever and allergies?

Why choose Nets n Spikes?

  • Our anti bird nets are manufactured under strict 6 Sigma compliance.
  • Leaders in bird netting for residences, building ducts and spikes.
  • Aesthetics are maintained as they are translucent and are nearly invisible.
  • Customized solution enabled with expertise and precision in technology.
  • Comprehensive package available for residential and society set ups.
  • Allows 100% light, air and ventilation.
  • Economical as they are cost effective.
  • Zero maintenance and weather proof.
  • Deterrent for bats and owls too.
  • Speedy and Timely service.
  • 3 years of committed Warranty.
  • Harmless to birds.


Nets n Spikes is a leader in residential bird netting  and pigeon control services. We use the same bird netting technologies that are currently being used worldwide.

The problem caused due to pigeon menace and their droppings is getting serious! Due to bad sanitation, droppings get maggot infested and become reservoir of bacteria and fungus. Pigeon spikes installation is a perfect solution here.

Nets n Spikes promises you 100% bird free and healthy living space guarantee. Give your family good health and peace of mind with anti-bird netting and get effective bird control.

Nets n Spikes helps you in providing Residential bird netting services starting from free inspection of your site to installations and prompt after sales service. Get in touch with us at: +91 020 6520 6060 to ask for our services and get Residential bird proofing solutions to pigeon menace.

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