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How long does the bird net and spikes a last?

Our bird nets and spikes comes with a guaranteed shelf-life of 5 years, but is sure to last longer with our after sales service, done periodically.

What's the average time per 100 sq. ft. for installing the birds spikes and nets?

The average time for installing 100 sq.ft. is 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What are the maintenance/ after-sales services provided?

3 years warranty is provided to all our clients, which does not include rats/ squirrels damaging the nets and damages due to external forces during maintenance/plumbing/natural calamities is not covered.

Will installing the bird nets block light?

The bird nets are made of translucent material, and thus does not block any light when installed in the window or balcony. Not compromising the look and feel of your building is our USP.

Is it possible to do the installation of the bird nets and spikes ourselves?

The installation process is complex and requires properly trained personnel to carry out the entire task cautiously. Hence, we suggest that the installation is done by an experienced team.

Are the birds harmed in anyway by the installed spikes and nets?

All our products serve only as a deterrent and birds are prevented from entering, nesting and roosting. We strongly believe in Ahimsa paramo dharma // अहिंसा परमो धर्मः //

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