Pigeon Spikes

– Tired of cleaning your balcony every day?
– Your valuable AC getting damaged due to pigeons?
– Pigeons sitting on ledges and droppings on your clothesline?

Nets n Spikes offers you the technologically advanced bird menace solutions in bird proofing your residence and office with the Bird Spikes and pigeon spikes.

Bird Spikes do not harm birds at all. It is highly eco-friendly and hence quite popular. Bird spikes are made of highest quality marine grade stainless steel on a poly carbonate base or hard PVC.

No more worries about pigeon droppings or diseases cause by birds. Say good-bye to bird menace permanently. Pigeon spikes installation is a cost effective and economical solution to pigeon menace

What is Pigeon Spikes?

A pigeon spikes is a device consisting of long, needle-like rods used for pigeon control. They can be attached to building ledges, signs, windowsills, roof perimeters, air conditioners, support structure, awnings, poles, lights, statues, beams, trusses and building projections. The pigeon control spikes are used to prevent pigeons without causing them harm or killing them. We manufacture tough UV stabilized poly carbonate Anti Pigeon Spikes. The Pigeon spikes are designed to protect very narrow ledges or to be used to protect the leading edge of a much wider surface. These spikes are used for building protection and are almost invisible when installed.

Pigeon Spikes provides effective and humane control for pest pigeons and climbing animals on all types of surfaces. These spikes are commonly used by private homes as well as public buildings because they create an unappealing and unstable environment for pigeons.


  • Clean the surface on which the spikes will be installed thoroughly
  • Properly mark where the spikes will be placed
  • Overhang the first strip about 1/2 inch at the end of the surface
  • Install the next strip flush with the first strip. Use the alignment notch at the end of the strips for proper alignment. Do not leave gaps between the strips. Use the quick part seam to make adjustments to the length.


Why we are best for Pigeon Spikes and Pigeon Spikes:

Our collection of products includes pigeon spike, pigeon spike, stainless steel pigeon spike, roof pigeon spike, industrial pigeon spike, pigeon repellent spike, residential pigeon netting, industrial pigeon netting and building pigeon netting. We provide the superior quality Pigeon Spike that do not harm the pigeons. Our pigeon spikes are manufactured by using superior quality components and modern technology in observance with industry norms. Our pigeon spike is available in various colors and sizes as per the demands of our clients. We severely test our pigeon spikes against different parameters so as to make sure its flawlessness.

We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Pigeon Spike. Our offered products are highly demanded in market. Furthermore, we offer our products in market leading price. A pigeon spike is an ideal and permanent solution to pest pigeon infestation.

Our offered spikes are commonly used on roof top edges, window sills, chimneys and different surfaces where pest pigeon sheltering and nesting is a trouble. Our provided spikes are highly acclaimed among our clients for their high strength & easy installation. Besides this, our authentic clients can avail these spikes from us at pocket pleasant costs.

Features of Pigeon Spikes and Pigeon Spikes:

  • Easy to use
  • Crack resistance
  • Attractive design
  • Various shapes
  • High strength


Pigeon spikes installation can be done at:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Window Ledges
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Railings, Columns, Sign Boards
  • Parapets, Chimneys, Awnings and Weather Sheds

Benefits of Pigeon Spikes

  • Anti-corrosive and does not gather rust and dust.
  • Sturdy, unbreakable and long lasting.
  • Available in a range of colors.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Harmless to pigeons.
  • Just fit-n-forget it!

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