Bird Repellent

What is Bird Repellent ?

Bird Repellent or Bird repugnant is a transparent glue gel used to prevent pigeons, stars, sparrows and other birds from landing or barking.

How to get birds away from house?

 Birds don’t like the sentiment of foil under their beaks or claws and will stay away. You can dangle strips of aluminum foil (or glittering party streamers) from trees, balconies or other high places around your home and garden. The sun reflects on the shiny surface and irritates their eyes, preventing them from approaching.

Many versions of bird repellent sprays or gel that you can make at home but the most popular is a mixture of pepper, water and vinegar. To make this spray, grind dry red or green chilies in a mixture of water and vinegar.

You can also use bird spikes ,netting, bird wire system etc. to get rid of birds away from your house or balcony,apartments etc.

Will mothballs keep pigeons away?

One of the most common ones that people like to use is mothballs. The truth is,pigeons don’t like the smell.  Mothballs do not endanger anyone, including pigeons, they simply do not like the smell. You can generously place it around your home, on the roof, in the balcony, under the cupboards and facades, and achieve great success.

There are many pigeon repellent or bird repellent options available like Spikes, Gels, Optical Gel, Fogs and Vapors. Some of them options are more effective than others.

The most common used pigeon repellents are

  • Spikes
  • Gels and Pastes
  • Optical Gels
  • Ultrasound Devices
  • Plastic Owls
  • Reflective Discs

Bird spikes can be used perfectly for railway, perching area and it is inexpensive, can be highly effective under suitable conditions; Easy installation.

Its disadvantage is that, in the best case scenario, the birds will only be moved to the next best place.

The best product you can use Bird-X Spikes.

Gels and Pastes

A gel feels the same, sticky transparent goo. It is usually applied with a caulking gun to edges or other areas where pigeons are unwanted. Some gels contain an active ingredient, often essential oils, which pigeons find offensive.

It is inexpensive and its disadvantage is that, Can kill smaller birds; requires consistent reapplication.

The best product you can use BirdX Pigeon gel.

Optical Gels

Best  Used in Perching and loafing areas. It is small and inexpensive and easy to install.

Its disadvantage is that,Not necessarily suitable for large areas. Intensive cleaning is required.

The optical gel deters pigeons by triggering a number of sensory responses. According to the manufacturer, the material emits UV light so that it is visible as a flame to approaching birds.

The best product you can use Bird Barrier.

Ultrasound Devices

its an Aural harassment for birds and Can be used in larger areas where exclusion is not practical.

Birds become accustomed to sounds.

Plastic Owls

Plastic owls are mostly used to scare away birds from small areas such as gardens, fields and balconies.

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