Pigeon Netting

Pigeon Netting

Net N Spikes Pigeon netting have been a leader in the bird-proofing industry for over a decade now. With our headquarters in Pune, over the years we have expanded to Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Singapore.

Our products are highly customizable for all types of departments, including factories, warehouses, hospitals, aircraft hangars, educational institutions, residential societies and individual residential buildings (including flats, bungalows and row houses).

What is Pigeon Netting used for?

Bird netting or Pigeon netting are used to prevent birds from building nests or entering certain areas. It is used in buildings and gardens to protect against insects such as pigeons, gulls and sparrows. Anti-bird netting or Pigeon netting or Pigeon protection nets comes in a range of different mesh sizes and strengths. Each is specially designed to protect against different species of birds.

Does Netting work?

Netting or Bird netting is one of the most common and used bird control methods. It has proven to be really effective by physically blocking insect birds from desired areas. There can be a problem with the bird net if it is not installed properly. In this case the birds can still land on the area but then they become trapped inside.

We provide the best quality pigeon protection nets for your residential societies and individual residential buildings etc. with affordable prices. Our more than 50 trained or experienced installation team will guide you properly on which bird nets are best for you and install them for you.

Pigeon Netting Installation

 For Pigeon Netting Installation,first of all you have to choose which type of bird nettings you want to install. So there are mainly 3 types of bird nettings. Below is a brief guide to selecting bird nets. If you do not find the answer in the text, please contact us for experienced suggestions.

Types of Bird Nettings

   1. Extruded nets

Extruded net made from polypropylene with UV stabilizer. It is flexible and tough. Due to the lightweight it needs less support or even cover directly on the trees. Compared to other bird excluded nets, this is a cost-effective option for entry-level use. With the exception of the white butterfly of cabbage and to protect your fish, this type of netting is the optimal choice for gardening.

  1. Knotless Nets

Knotless netting is a type of woven polyethylene mesh. In general, it is much stronger than extruded nets, but its price is a bit higher.

  1. Knotted Nets

Knotted netting is often made of high density polyethylene and nylon. The knotted design adds extra strength and durability. This type of netting is often used in commercial areas such as office building, school courts, etc.

We have different bird net sizes for different birds like

Size Birds
½ or smaller All birds
¾ Sparrows, swallows and most birds
1-1/8’’ Starlings,blackbirds
2’’ Pigeons,crows
4’’ Gull

In general, a pigeon netting installation of 1/2″ or 3/4″ or smaller mesh size can keep most birds out. Select the mesh size from the above table as per your requirement and our experienced person will install it for you.

How do you manage Pigeon menace solution(india)?

the main pigeon menace solution(india) is to use 2 mesh size nets or you can use 1/2 or smaller size nets to drive pigeons or all birds away from your patio,deck or balcony.


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